The Sheffield Motor inn Cafe


Toast & Spreads 7
Choice of sourdough, Granary loaf, thick cut white, wholemeal or gluten free toast served with butter and housemade jams and spreads

The Bagel breakfast burger 15.7
Stacked with crisp bacon, tomatoes, fried egg,
baby spinach, Jack cheese and tomato relish

Ricotta Hotcakes 13.5
Handmade and drizzled with Canadian Maple,
vanilla ice cream, strawberry and mint salad
Smashed Avo Bruschetta (v) 13.9
Toasted sourdough, crumbled Meander Valley feta and avocado

Roland Breakfast 18.5
2 eggs, crispy bacon, roasted wild mushroom, breakfast
tomato, potato hash, house-baked beans and sourdough

Old School Bubble ‘n’ Squeak 17.9
Crunchy fritters, 2 eggs, crispy bacon and
tomato relish served with sourdough

Eggs your Way (v) * 11
2 eggs, sourdough

Rainforest Omelette (v available) 16.9
Packed with leg ham, cheddar, sassafras and spinach,
served with sourdough and relish

Eggs Benedict 14.5
Toasted English muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise with
leg ham and wilted baby spinach

Breakky Boosters
House-made potato hash 4
Sautéed baby spinach * 4
Smoked salmon 100grm * 5
House baked beans * 4
Roasted wild mushroom * 5
Crispy bacon * 5
Avocado smash * 4
Fried halloumi * 5

American Wings * 12.9
Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and Ranch dressing on the side

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid 18
Lightly fried, served with garlic aioli and lemon cheek

Dim Sum Selection 21.5
dim sim, vegetarian spring rolls, money bags and
prawn gow gee with sweet chilli dipping sauce and soy

Mega Club Sandwich 22.5
Triple decked with grilled chicken, crispy bacon, fried egg,
cheddar cheese, aioli and avocado served with thick chips
and tomato chutney

12hr Pork Sliders 16.9
3 buns packed with barbecued pulled pork,
Texan barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and apple slaw

Bacon and parmasan Salad 16.5
Organic Lettuce, shaved Parmesan, crispy bacon, crostini,
poached egg and house dressing
Add chicken breast 4
Add Tasmanian smoked salmon

Salmon Tacos 17.9
Tassie Salmon rubbed with lime and mild Mexican spices,
charred corn and lettuce salsa, chipotle mayonnaise and holy guacamole

Thai Beef Salad 17.9
Crunchy Asian slaw tossed with steamed Singapore noodle,
toasted cashews, fresh herbs, marinated and wok fired beef
fillet with chilli coriander dressing

Classic Fish ‘n’ Chips 18.9
beer battered fish, thick chips, lemon and tartare sauce