Bread – Pasta – Salad
Bread roll and butter 3, Garlic bread 5, Chili Bread 5
Parmesan bread 5, Toasted Sour dough with balsamic and EVOO 5

Fettuccine Napoletana
Fresh crushed garlic, celery, carrot, onion, Tomato, shaved parmesan
Sweet basil infused local EVOO olive oil 14.0 (V)

Spaghetti alla Bolognese
Beef, tomatoes, tomato paste, parmigiano, fresh bay leaves and oregano, 15.0

Fettuccini alla Carbonara
Grilled pancetta, bacon and egg, garlic, cream and shaved parmesan cheese 17.0
(V) option, grilled Mushroom, baby spinach and fresh herb (cream or olive oil)

Honey, Cinnamon, Quail and Pumpkin Telephono
Tasmanian quail in cinnamon and spiced manuka honey reduction with fresh pumpkin and mozzarella 22.0

Smoked Salmon and baby octopus Linguini
Salmon, baby octopus, lemon, cream, shaved parmesan and fresh garlic 23.0

Side Salads
Tossed local organic Mesclun salad leaves in local extra virgin olive oil and local apple vinegar 4.5 (V) (gf)
Tomato, cucumber, mint, red onion, organic salad leaves 6 (V) (gf)
Apple, Mount Roland hazelnut, brie and grape salad 8 (V) (gf)
Meander Valley goats cheese, mushroom, cantaloupe and sunflower pollen biscotti 9 (V)