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Powder fever meets poo-phoria: “I love big dumps”

September 9, 2016 Off

“I love big dumps”: powder fever meets poo-phoria “I love big dumps” is a saying among skiers and snowboarders who equate their fondness for major snow storms with their satisfaction upon taking a huge crap. You’ll see the phrase on bumper stickers, such as the one below for Silverton Mountain in Colorado. “I love big dumps” bumper sticker. Photo […]

By Mitch Tobin

The 9 best ski apps for iPhone and Android

September 8, 2016 Off

9 ski apps to track your alpine exploits With a few taps on your iPhone or Android device, ski apps allow you to track a wealth of data on your alpine adventures. I’ve become fond of using Trace Snow and Ski Tracks to record virtually every run. Another popular option for tracking skiing and snowboarding […]

By Mitch Tobin

Ski trail ratings: green circles, blue squares, and black diamonds

July 27, 2016 Off

Ski trail ratings: history and overview Signs and maps bearing green circles, blue squares, and black diamonds are the main way that U.S. resorts communicate their ski trail ratings. In an ideal, harmonious world, all ski resorts would use the same classification scheme and trail difficulties would be comparable. In reality, other countries use their own systems […]

By Mitch Tobin