Good resort/planning for bachelor/ette party

We’re trying to plan for a ski/snowboarding weekend for 7 people as part of joint bachelor and bachelorette parties. We’re all in areas on the east coast (NC, DC, and east PA), and we’re looking for any recommendations on great resorts that also have other activities we can do as well (brewery tours, restaurants, etc).

One place we found was Liberty Mountain Resort, it appears to have quite a few things going on in the area as well, but I don’t know anything about the quality of the skiing or if it’s a place worth visiting. We’re all interested in skiing/snowboarding, though not many of us have been to a lot of slopes (most recently went to Canaan Valley a few years ago, which was fine but out in the middle of nowhere).

Appreciate any advice!

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Cool project

For school I am doing a year long project. I am making a training website to test your backcountry skiing judgement through 6-8 scenarios that imitate real life situations. My goal is to place users at the point of the go/no go decision with informatio…

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